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Demographic shifts, intense competition, and demanding clientele are business-as-usual today, and leaders are needed to successfully face these challenges. We know you can be one of those leaders.

Organizations want solutions that really work, and people want to know they are investing their time wisely. That is where FireStarter VT comes in. We will train you and your team to become a successful leaders. You will experience an engaging, fully interactive training system with a trainer who won’t bore you to tears. Beyond that, you will learn key leadership principles you can immediately apply on the job.


You get proven solutions that actually work in the real world. Our leadership experience and ongoing research ensures our content is best-of-class.

FireStarter VT is user-friendly. We translate theory into relevant and usable education that will help your people and teams be more successful. We have been helping leaders transform themselves and their business for two decades.



Leadership vs Management

Learn the differences between these two very important roles. At the end of this course, you will know the difference and how to better play both roles.

Generations At Work

This course helps you understand and work better with members of different generations within today’s workplace.

Leadership Development

Developing leaders is difficult work. You need someone to help.


Keynotes are effective at raising awareness and creating momentum for your leader development initiatives

Live Workshops

Live Workshops provide in-depth handling of the subject. They enable us to go deep and help attendees not only learn the material but understand it to be able to apply the lessons learned when they get back on the job. Each workshop features a skillful combination of lecture, assessment and application, action planning, and ongoing follow-up.

Personal Coaching

Personal coaching provides your current and future leaders one-on-one guidance and support. This process reinforces behavioral change to deliver superior results. The coaching relationship is structured to yield maximum results through a combination of in person and electronic communication.


About Wally Adamchik

As an expert on leadership, every job and experience in his life directly contributed to the person he is today and to his command of the material. From a delivery perspective, he has a solid natural aptitude for speaking; he does a lot of speaking to get better, and consistently seeks new and better ways to present, continuing his education in the field.

He brings that education to you in FireStarter VT. He knows the importance of totally focusing on meeting your needs and delivering tailored solutions to make a positive and lasting effect on your business.

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Why Choose Wally and FireStarter VT?

Wally Adamchik cares about superior content and superior delivery. Wally knows leadership. He was a successful leader in the Marines and in Corporate America. Wally is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) member of the National Speakers Association (NSA). Only 10% of the members of NSA have earned this designation.

He will keep it interesting. He mixes humor, energy, passion, and a genuine concern for his audience into a memorable presentation. As an expert on leadership, every job and experience in his life directly contributed to the person he is today and to his command of the material.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

“He not only provides a high-energy, fun-filled session, attendees walk away with real tools they can use the minute they walk out the door. He is a perennial favorite and is asked back time and time again. I would highly recommend Wally to anyone looking for a speaker that can motivate, engage and provide real world experiences.”
MICHELE NEBEL PEAKE, Owner, Ashton Conference Planning Professionals, LLC
“Wally’s abilities as a facilitator for various functions throughout our company is his greatest asset. Wally can energize any group regardless of the topic. He has an excellent understanding of business and an even better understanding of leadership.”
JEFF LAMB, President at HRI, INC.
“We have used Wally in many of our events, and we have recommended him to other management groups and Associations. Wally has been hired by several of my members for customized presentations to their employees. The National Tile Contractors Association values our relationship with Wally Adamchik and we highly recommend his as a motivational and entertaining business speaker.”
BART BETTIGA, Executive Director at National Tile Contractors Association
FireStarter VT is Your Partner in Leadership Development

Get started with Wally Adamchik and FireStarter VT today!